If You Don’t Know Now Ya Know

New Site. New Purpose. New Me.

If you don’t know who I am already let me give you a brief idea. My name is Ericka but I’ve been going by DamnnEricka on this here internet thingy for many years now. My biggest hobby is collecting sneakers and lets just say I might put some of the guys to shame. A few years ago I posted a video on youtube talking about Jordan Playoff 8s and ever since then I’ve been helping to hold it down for the female sneakerheads via YouTube. Although I’ve had spots on some of the biggest sneaker websites out my biggest problem was my inconsistency. This does¬†pretty much become like a job ya know. I had a really awesome website and a following on social media that helped me land some dope opportunities but now I’m back and starting over. I wanted this blog to have a more personal feel whether it end up being pictures of the sneakers I’m wearing that day or even just posts about things that catch my interest. If theres anything anyone would like to contribute or see me talk about (a normal post or video) feel free to let me know at DamnnEricka@gmail.com.